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Reasons to Choose our Tiles

Our products are made of high quality clay which is provided directly from nature. They do not contain any colouring agents or
chemical additives. Thus, they do not produce any unhealthy gas emissions or polluter chemical wastes. As the chemical stinks at roof voids are resulting from artificial roofing products, these stinks can be avoided by the use of natural tiles. Kılıçoğlu Tile is a roofing product which is environmental friendly and recyclable. Its ergonomic design avoids the bothering industrial appearance.

Raw material of a high quality tile is crunched by means of micronisation process into a scale of 500 microns and below. The fact that raw material is crunched in this manner ensures a tile to have a smooth surface. A smooth surface prevents external factors such as dust and dirt from hanging on to surface as well as providing a neat appearance for roofs.
Furthermore, this technology solves the problem of crusting, namely calcareous explosion, as well as prolonging tiles’ life by
increasing the frost resistance.

During its long-life use, a perfect tile must be durable against the factors such as snow load and human load. According to TS EN-538 bending resistance test specified in TS EN-1304 Tile Standard, a tile must have a resistance of 120 kgf.
This resistance is required for the roof loads but is usually unsatisfactory. It is a known fact that many tiles are broken as a
result of even the weight of roofers. However, a durable tile supported in a correct way does not be broken or become deformed. Kılıçoğlu Tiles have a bending resistance which can go up to 425 kgf depending on tile type, introducing a value 2.5 times higher than TS EN-1304 European Tile Standard.
As for durability, being always the pioneer in the Middle East, we are one of the main pacemaker companies by setting an example for developing the standards. The high quality tile raw materials of Eskisehir are condensed by crunching in mills, sintered in computer controlled kilns at over 920oC and as a result tiles gain high resistance against breaking.
Consequently, we have high breaking resistance thanks to this technology.

Perfect tile should preserve its original look despite harsh climate conditions. Due to the fact that our tiles do not contain any artificial colouring agents or paints, they preserve their colours forever. The most important feature that a tile, like all materials used in constructions, must have is UV resistance against wearing effects. Some roof covering products begin to get damaged from UV rays after a while resulting from their artificial colouring components. From the very day the tiles are installed, their colour begins to fade away and they start to lose their preferred features. The most popular solution for such a
case is to repaint the roofing material in place. Yet this is not a lasting and cost-effective solution. However, a good covering material should provide lifelong colour perseverance.

Manufactured from baked clay, our tiles always preserve their colour. Because they do not contain any artificial colorants, inner and outer parts of tiles have the same colour. The correctness of this feature is proved by hundred years of experience. Another fact making our tiles different from others is that they are baked by natural gas. By this means, there is a minimal
colour nuance and a natural, homogenously coloured product can be manufactured due to the absence of dust and ash.


Fully automatic presses and computer controlled drying are the factors ensuring a geometric regularity to tiles. While 1.5 % screws tolerance value specified in TSE EN-1304, AZAR s.a.r.l tiles have a considerably lower value of 0.25%. By this means tiles become easy to fix, smooth and waterproof.

Perfect roof should be waterproof. According to water permeability test specified in TS EN-1304 tile standards, if a tile is waterproof for 4 hours and over, it is a Class-I tile. If it is waterproof for 1-4 hours, it is a Class-II tile. Tiles which are water permeable up to only 1 hour are not even classified. Namely, there are not tiles. Unfortunately, most tiles manufactured become water permeable up to 1 hour. Unconscious consumers buy these tiles which obliges them to change their roofing materials in two or three year s time.
However, Kılıçoğlu tiles have impermeability features far from the requirements of Class-I tiles. AZAR s.a.r.l tiles stay waterproof for hours and even for days. According to tests periodically done at laboratories prove that water impermeability of AZAR s.a.r.l tiles are quite ahead of Class-I.

In order to prove the frost resistance of a tile, it should be tested according to TS EN 539-2 Method-C Frost Resistance Test specified in TS EN-1304 tile standards. As a result of this test, a tile should have a maximum of 1% mass loss.
Water-logged AZAR s.a.r.l tiles underwent 50 freezing/thawing processes steadily done in a case with a vacuum pump in a manner compatible with TS EN 539-2 Method-C Frost Resistance Test. They didn’t show evidence of any mass loss on surfaces. Passing the Frost Resistance Tests with success, AZAR s.a.r.l tiles proved their frost resistance by experiences
since 1927. According to frosting tests, mass loss rate is 0%, in other words, there isn’t any mass loss. By this way, the aftermath of freezing does not apply to Kılıçoğlu tile.

AZAR s.a.r.l t have a variety of tiles and accessories compatible with climate conditions and desired aesthetics.
We complement our free installed tiles with various accessories and roofing system products. Manufactured in various styles in order to meet every demand for special designs.

A perfect roof must resist to adverse weather conditions, strong winds and severe hail impacts thanks to its covering and accessories. It is known that as a result of a strong wind, some roof covering materials tear and some fly away as a whole. Some other materials pierce or become deformed after severe hail impacts. A qualified roofing system should preserve its
specialities against such external factors.
AZAR s.a.r.l tiles are durable against wind, hail and the most severe climate conditions thanks to their great interlocking system and resistance. They don’t pierce or tear thanks to their clay composition.

The tiles made of baked clay have Class A1 incombustibility. That means our tiles do not catch fire. Tiles have always been materials providing healthy living spaces and amenity.
AZAR s.a.r.l tile proved its performance at incombustibility tests. It once again proved being a fire-safe material by showing an
outstanding performance, so much higher than required by standards. That is the reason why tile has an ancestral history. Perfect roof should be incombustible and should not spread fire.